IHMC Sample Knowledge Models


            A zoom in on PNAS.mov
            Before using NEXRAD for Severe Westher.mov
            CAPE and Helicity.mov
            CDR Soper describes the Summer Regime.mov
            CDR Soper describes Tropical Cyclone Conditions Of Readines.mov
            CDR Soper summarizes the Winter Regime.mov
            Discussion of Easterly Waves.mov
            Echo Tops on NEXRAD.mov
            Expert discusses Thunderstorm Dynamics.mov
            Ground Clutter on NEXRAD.mov
            Hurricanes on the Gulf Coast.mov
            Indices of Stability and Lifting.mov
            Initial Tropical Cyclone Development.mov
            Late in the Tropical Cyclone Season.mov
            Local Thunderstorm Climatology.mov
            Lt Willis discusses NEXRAD and Severe Weather.mov
            Mid-Season Tyopical Cyclone Formation.mov
            Mr. Hollenbach describes local user functions.mov
            Mr. Hollenbach explains considerations when using Mobile NEXRAD.mov
            NEXRAD Base Reflectivity.mov
            Pensacola FL.mov
            Positive Vorticity Advection.mov
            Range Folding on NEXRAD.mov
            Rendering of Thunderstorm Passage.mov
            Sea Surface Temperatures.mov
            Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting.mov
            Severe Weather on Satelllite.mov
            Sub-Tropical Highs.mov
            The Sub-Tropical Jet and Tropical Cyclone Recurvature.mov
            Three dimensional rendering of thunderstorm development.mov
            Thunderstorm Dynamics.mov
            Tornados on NEXRAD.mov
            Transitional Seasons.mov
            Tropical Cyclone Seasonal Variations.mov
            Tropical Cyclone Track and Steering.mov