METOC Integrated Data Display System (MIDDS)

MIDDS is the command’s principle aviation weather support system. The system uses a multi-tasking client-server architecture and handles the ingestion, processing, display, and dissemination of meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) data at forecaster workstations and remote display monitors.MIDDS has six workstations: two of which support a bank of computer display monitors (the “Wall of Thunder”), while the remaining four serve as workstations for the Forecaster, Sub-Regional Forecaster (SRF), Observer, and Training. MIDDS software upgrades are issued periodically, which continue to improve the level of performance of the system.

The Satellite, Alphanumeric, NEXRAD and DIFAX (SAND) package automatically ingests and updates several streams of METOC data for use by the forecaster, including:
1) High resolution visual and infrared (IR) Geostationary Operational and Environmental Satellite Variant (GVAR) imagery received via local satellite antennae and server
2) Alphanumeric data from the DoD’s Automated Weather Network (AWN)
3) The national NEXRAD radar mosaic product is periodically retrieved, and raw radar data from the NEXRAD sites at Slidell, Louisiana, Montgomery, Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi, Eglin AFB, and Tallahassee, Florida can be accessed and serve as backups to the local NEXRAD PUP
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