FDO Forecasts for New Orleans, Meridian and Whiting

Forecast Duty Officer provides services to New Orleans, Meridian, and Whiting


NOTE: FDO doesn't usually do this (usually SRF), but on weekends and holidays there is a

manning issue. May be only one forecaster for FDO and SRF (on light days).

Action sequence:

        At night when METOC takes over.

        Begin with daily climatological averages and work from there--maximum and minimum temperatures.

        Examine models.

        Examine NOGAPS.

        Examine surface chart.

        Examine 500mb chart--shows what causes may lead to worsening.


What supports the action sequence?


What is the needed information?


CONTEL Meteorological Workstation

MIDDS computer

Models from Monterey--altimeter settings for various places, ditch angles for flights over water.

Procedure depends on the season.

Winter--look for fronts.

Summer--look for fog, thunder storms.

Station forecasts



What is good or useful about the support and the depiction of needed information?


        The task is routine

        CONTEL Meteorological Workstation provides forecasts from any station in the US--DOD, NWS, airports

        MIDDS supports internet work

        MIDDS rarely crashes

        Is good compared to other Navy systems

        NOGAPS and other prognoses help confirm long-range forecasts.

        There is so much on the internet, you can go in there and play and get better and better--you learn what works in what situations.



Concept Mapping Toolkit
Insitute for Human and Machine Cognition
The University of West Florida