SRF writes Port Operations forecast

Sub-Regional Forecaster writes port operations forecasts for Pensacola Bay


Action sequence:

        Conducted daily on Sundays through Thursdays.

        Updated during the day if there a re weather changes that could impact port operations (e.g., increase surface winds).

        Forecast is created as a PowerPoint slide which is then posted to the homepage and actions are noted on the passdown sheet.


What supports the action sequence?

What is the needed information?

PowerPoint (see below)

Satellite info, etc - all the usual sources.


What is good or useful about the support and the depiction of needed information?


The slide is simple, large and easy to see. It is not full of technobabble. It is online; users can dial it up.


What about the support or information depiction makes the action sequence difficult?


        Need to point and click to minimize the size of the PowerPoint frame at the same time that you need to look at the data.

        Sometimes people misname the file or do not do the save/send process correctly, and therefore, it is saved to the wrong place, the new version doesn't go to the Web and you have to go fish to find the folder it is in.


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