Observer Prepares Charts for AM Briefing

Observer prints charts for the AM briefing of the CO


Action sequence:

        Conducted 3AM every Sunday night, or at 7-8 am as staff meets later. Updated charts are available at 0Z and at 12Z.

        Night prints the 0Z charts and day comes in and prints 12Z charts for continuity.

        The actual brief is from the 12Z charts unless they are late.


What supports the action sequence?


What is the needed information?

Use SAND to print 5 charts. The charts come from the same place as the school packets. They can get the charts from NWS.

Use of SAND to get five charts - 300mb, 500mb, 700mb, 850mb, surface. Charts cover US and portions of South Canada.


What is good or useful about the support and the depiction of needed information?


        The charts are simple to get.

        Observers get in the habit of looking at the charts and this activity fosters transition from observing to forecasting.


What about the support or information depiction makes the action sequence difficult?


        Charts come in more slowly in the day because of more traffic.


Concept Mapping Toolkit
Insitute for Human and Machine Cognition
The University of West Florida