Microbursts in the Pensacola Region

The Pensacola complex has experienced several moderate to severe microbursts with a maximum recording of 64 knots at KNPA.  

One microburst episode occurred on 10 August 1984. A series of four thunderstorms moved over the field.  The first cell produced a gust that shifted the wind from SSW at 16 knots to NE at 26 knots. The second cell changed the wind from NE at 8 knots to NW at 35 knots.  The third cell changed the wind to the north, produced a gust of 54 knots, then abated to SE at 2 knots in two minutes.  This cell also produced a gust of 60 knots from the SW.  The fourth cell produced a gust of 35 knots, also from the SW.  Extensive review of environmental and radar data indicated only maximum gusts of 35 knots.

The most recent microburst episode occurred in March 1990, 1.5 nm east of the field.  The resultant wind snapped off four two-foot diameter pine trees two feet above the ground; one at each cardinal point of the compass. 

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