High Wind Comparison

SOP Number & Name

3180 High Wind Comparison


        Observer calls once per hour each of 4 stations (Port Operations, marinas, Coast Guard) to get winds.

        Is a way of monitoring the situation to avoid missing small craft advisories.

        Is a sort of back-up method.

Who does this procedure?

Forecaster, but is discretionary--the Lead Forecasters do it or tell the Observers to do it.

How often?

When needed.

Frequency of reference to the SOP

This is a new SOP, so the SOP is referred to whenever the procedure is followed.


        This SOP is a manifestation of a local effect.

        You can't tell if local winds will get high since buoys are far away.

        This SOP relates to comments on SOPs 3070-3090 regarding stations calling METOC if they have high winds and don't see that METOC has issued a warning.


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