SOP Number & Name

5060 WeatherVision


For sending observations and warnings to the Sherman Field tower and the hanger ready rooms.

Who does this procedure?


How often?

Once an hour, or as needed.

Frequency of reference to the SOP

        Never again once you know it.

        Forecaster will look at it if s/he is doing the observing.


Takes only a minute.

Action sequence:

        Conducted every hour.

        Weathervision scrolls across the screens.

        Change the data itself, the time.

        Save and exit the program.

        Takes about five minutes.


What supports the action sequence?


What is the needed information?

METOC PC located to the left of the Observer's station.


Winds, temperature, clouds, dewpoint, altimeter setting, visibility, and SIGMETS.


What is good or useful about the support and the depiction of needed information?


        Observers observe it via ASOS for temperature and winds, and also observe altimeter, ceiling.

        Easy to look out the window (?) and easy to just go outside every hour.


What about the support or information depiction makes the action sequence difficult?


        Nothing in the work environment reminds the Observer to conduct the task.

        There is a time constraint--the product has to get to the tower.

        Observers can be busy.

        Observers may type in wrong data values.

        Scrolling of animated feature might not be available.


Concept Mapping Toolkit
Insitute for Human and Machine Cognition
The University of West Florida